Journey's of Development

Nick talks Journey Mapping & Teamwork…..

Its Session #5 of our Eurekaha Pilot programme and the students are busy exploring Journey Mapping techniques as part of their introduction into Design Thinking and I can’t help noticing with a great sense of accomplishment that the group are already demonstrating skills and techniques that will serve them well as they continue the journey towards their professional careers.

There is a high energy in the room as the team get to work creating a Journey Map of their recent Bush-Craft experience working hard to utilise every inch of the expansive whiteboard.  They pull upon the empathy techniques and interviews they have conducted to generate an impressive Journey capturing all their personal and joint experiences. This develops into an superb piece of work mapping the ‘entire’ journey from early awareness and planning, the day itself to refection after the event. Coupled with each other’s pain points, high points and reflections they move on to identify insights and explore how the Bush-Craft intervention could be further improved for future groups; lots of learning for us all.


But what strikes us is how well they are opening up and becoming more comfortable with each other. Some are displaying the early signs of natural leadership whilst others are demonstrating their creative skills to bring alive the various tasks through the use of stimulating visuals. Each member is fully engaged and the group has almost become self-organising as they explore each other’s strengths and motivations.

We are reassured by witnessing the Eurekaha mantra of ‘Engage, Inspire, Do’ firmly in action; the students are ‘engaged’ with us and each other, they seem ‘inspired’ to learn and excited by the challenges that face them in the coming weeks and they are certainly learning through ‘doing’ as they harness some of the techniques they have been exposed to; brainstorming, clustering, observing, interviewing, and empathy mapping. All techniques they will pull on time and time again in the weeks to come.

Bushcraft journey mapping exercise with the Eurekaha team. In this session, we challenged the team to complete empathy maps based on interviews and research. We then hit the huge whiteboard to draw out the timeline, map data and emotional arcs. The team also touched on visualisation, dramatic arcs and digital tools.

It’s at this point I’m reminded of my personal motivation behind Eurekaha in providing an opportunity for young people to grow through the development of very relevant techniques for today’s complex business environment, and most importantly the soft skills to enable them to flourish in both their professional and personal lives.  Design Thinking not only provides significant benefits for business, but there is huge value in developing young people through the application of Design Thinking techniques and mindsets.

Encouraged and fulfilled we turn our sights to next week’s session where we’ll be exploring the nature of failure and building upon the student’s story telling techniques.