We're a team with with a over 70 years experience in the workplace, whether that's in high tech manufacturing, innovation labs or the jungles of Central America, we love engaging younger generations, learning from them and passing on our experience.

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Matt Mullan

Born and bred in Plymouth, Matt grew up exploring the rugged landscape of Dartmoor and beaches of Devon and Cornwall. The outdoors life led Matt to join the Army at the age of 19, where he served as far a field as the USA, Bosnia, Kenya and the Jungles of Central America, before going to university and working in industry as an engineer. Matt is the beating heart of Eurekaha, an impassioned collaborator with a visionary mind, he is devoted to making a difference to our future generations. In other guises, he is a Fellow of the RSA, a photographer, coffee lover, doer, and seeker of adventure.


Stuart Morris

A proud Welshman, Stuart grew up with a healthy curiosity and level of capability in many different academic subjects, sports and pastimes. This has led to Stuart enjoying a career in a wide variety of roles in the engineering industry, ultimately leading to a role in change leadership, creativity and innovation. Stuart is a helper and inspirer, visualiser, natural collaborator, and an engaging character with a passion for getting the best out of people - he loves all this "soft" stuff because it is really the "hard" stuff. In other guises he is a voracious life long learner, all round sportsman, obsessive music lover, imagineer, socialiser, curry lover, and someone who loves new challenges



Nick clapp

Nick is a fun-loving Bristolian with a passion for the outdoors spending many of his early years exploring the delights of the English countryside and coast.  Being inquisitive by nature with a passion to understand the world around him led Nick to a career in Engineering and Business Leadership.  This provided opportunities to collaborate with others to create innovative solutions for various organisations. Nick’s collaborative, supportive nature, appetite for learning and enjoyment of engaging others has opened-up a new world of opportunity to develop future generations to position them for success. 

When not working, Nick can be found either in the gym, out with friends or at home with his wife and 3 children and if he’s lucky he sometimes has some time left over for a spot of reading.